To commemorate Trans Awareness Month, My Genderation is delighted to release Watch Me Exist on demand.

This short fictional film focuses on three young trans people, who are trying to find their place in the world and includes original songs created by trans people. 

The film was developed through a theatre project with Youth Cymru and Mess up the Mess, and is based on a theatre play, written by Kelly Jones. The film was Directed by Fox Fisher and Jamie Fletcher and Produced by Owl (Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir). 

The film covers some hard hitting topics such as dead-naming, dysphoria and suicide. 

An audience preview was screened at the annual Trans Pride Film Night, and won an award for best film of the evening, which was judged by an independent panel of judges.

To accompany the film, we have had a lesson plan developed for students aged 12-18 to help an understanding of trans people’s lived experiences, including non-binary identities. 

We created this lesson plan to help teachers approach the topic of trans issues, as there is a real need for information and material on transgender issues for schools. The lesson plan is created by teacher Hayle Chalke-Davies. Hayle currently writes lesson material for Amnesty International and directs their teacher programme. 

We hope that schools and teachers will find it a useful way to engage with their older pupils about transgender issues, and do so with care, respect and compassion. 


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