We’re excited to host our annual Trans Pride Film Night on Friday the 19th of July 2019! Every year the tickets sell out, so be sure to grab them here before they do!

Here is the full line-up.

1. We will be starting off with a trailer about a film called Seahorse, that follows the journey of Freddy McConnel through child birth: “Sharing this experience is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done, second only to the experience itself. “
2. The second film is A Blossom Pink World. In this film the trans community in Guyana share their experiences, hopes and aspirations as they challenge the legal framework that has led to Trans people not accessing the health services that they are entitled to, and need.
3. Next off we follow Emma Frankland’s journey to meet with meet Bissu shamans in South Sulawesi in Indonesia, and explore gender diversity in another culture. Over several weeks they took part in their rituals and daily lives.
4. BLACKN3SS is a film about queer blackness: “Between melanin and far away planets, BLACKN3SS proposes a dive into the journey of the black youth of São Paulo city. A documentary on blackness, queerness and spacial aspirations of the diaspora’s children.”
5. Wildflowers and Weeds explores gender and sex in relation to plants, in a spoken word narrative film that highlights some modern issues faced by trans people.
6. To the sound of Ash Palmisciano’s poetry, transgender ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca elegantly moves through the frames of Joppe Rog’s film, in this honest and vulnerable portrait shaped through the combination of dance and spoken word.
7. Life at Home by Sierra Schepmann is a film that will truly hit home to many trans people: “Riley and Zoey are committed to each other, but Riley struggles to commit to making a life changing decision. A love letter to a partner deciding to transition.”
8. ‘Eyes’ is a short mixed-media animation about moving though the world as a non-binary person. It explores the tension between being looked at and being seen through a day in the life of Jig. A collaboration with the young people of the Indigo project, a queer youth group based in Hackney who built the other models in the bar and made the animation in the credits.
9. ÉG // I is an Icelandic film that focuses on a young trans person living in a small town travels to the city searching for the freedom to be themself.
10. And last but not least we have Watch Me Exist, which follows three transgender friends’ experiences as they navigate some of the harsh realities of being trans in the UK, find their community, and dare to dream of a life without limitations.
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