To celebrate International Non-Binary Awareness Day, we have released our feature documentary called I Am They. We’ve got some great press about it already, with an extensive interview in Pink News and a first person opinion piece for OZY.

The documentary has already ignited a lot of conversations, where the film has already screened, in the USA and Canada, for Wicked Queer Film Festival in Boston, Seattle Translations, Q City and Toronto Vanguard in Canada.

We have also held audience previews of this film for EDEN Film’s Transforming Cinema Film Festival and at the University of Brighton, the same year that Fox was given an honorary doctorate for their work educating on trans issues and representation in the media.

We hope you enjoy watching this labour of love.

We recently had an opportunity to talk about the creation of this film, and what a learning process it was, at a recent Director and Producer panel for a BFI Weekender, supporting a new generation of queer and trans film-makers.