We created a series of short films about older trans people in Wales and how to best provide dignified and inclusive health and social care in Wales.

Creator Owl wrote an article in the Metro, all about the project and our My Genderation films with Trans Ageing and Care contributors.

“The rise in transgender people entering care homes poses a new set of challenges for care providers, as trans people might have very specific needs that need addressing. Transphobia is still very much alive in the UK, and there are examples of serious neglect where trans people have not been cared for properly in care homes. We are proud to have created series of films through a project known as My Genderation in cooperation with the Trans Ageing and Care Project, and we recently launched a social media campaign called #GrowingOlderAsMe.”

Based at Swansea University in the Centre for Innovative Ageing, this project is dedicated to improving health and social care services for trans individuals over 50 years of age. The aim of the project is to learn more about the wellbeing, needs and interests of trans and gender diverse adults in later life.

Watch the films here:





About the project:

The project is proudly delivered in collaboration with Unique Transgender Network and the Older LGBT Network for Wales, Age Cymru.