For this year’s LGBT History month we are doing an event at Brighton University. The event is titled Social Media – Friend or Foe? and it centres around our experiences with being campaigners and how social media plays a vital part of that.

Social media is an undeniable force in today’s world. With a large part of the global population connected on social media in various forms, experiences and stories can be shared in seconds – the online world is a commanding and influential communication channel for business and personal messaging. However, the impact of social media does not stop online. While online traffic may initially create a buzz around a person, product, or topic, the power of it will generate word of mouth advocacy and hype offline. But so often, social media brings out the very worst in people and gives hatred a platform.

Brighton Voices is a series of special events showcasing the achievements and knowledge of our outstanding alumni and friends.

This event has been especially organised in collaboration with Brighton Students’ Union and the UoB LGBT+ Staff Network as part of LGBT History Month.

Find the event page here and book your tickets:

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