Watch Me Exist follows three transgender friends’ experiences as they navigate some of the harsh realities of being trans in the UK, find their community, and dare to dream of a life without limitations. Featuring a talented cast and musical performances by trans and non-binary artists, this is a coming of age story of friendship and hope, love and loss, strength and pride.

Watch Me Exist was one of our main recent film projects, which we created thanks to the Google and ISD fund. We teamed up with Youth Cymru and Mess Up The Mess at the end of 2018 to create a film inspired by the play Humanequin, written by Kelly Jones. We are proud to have had an entirely trans (main) cast and crew, with my support members also trans, filming mostly in Wales (Cardiff and Swansea). This is the trailer for the film, which is around 16 minutes and covers themes of dysphoria and suicide, with a positive spin.

The track in the trailer is titled Trans Pride Rap and is by Shonalika.

If you’d like to watch our film now, checkout our Patreon. It will be released online later in 2019.