1 Million+ Views: Poppy (11) speaks with Josie (70)

November 6, 2018

Our heartwarming new trans related film titled ‘Growing up transgender, almost 60 years apart’ was released on Wednesday (on youtube and FB) and in less than a week our FB version has had 1.2+ million views and 17,ooo+ shares. As a consequence we are up 5,000 followers on our My Genderation FB page. We’re gathered some press around the film including one in Pink News: ‘Trans Girl and Women Discuss Growing Up Decades Apart’ and an article in SBS in Australia.

The film is a very simple conversation, but the stark contrast in the lived experiences of Josie and Poppy shows us how far we have come, and that we must continue to ensure a better quality of life for our younger generation. It is a powerful reminder that all trans people were children once, and if they would’ve had the opportunity to be themselves at a young age, it would’ve saved them decades of hardship, shame and distress.