The story of My Genderation

My Genderation is a film project that celebrates trans lives and trans experiences. The project was founded by Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox after appearing on the mainstream documentary My Transsexual Summer that aired on Channel 4 in 2011. Feeling frustrated that their experiences weren’t portrayed authentically, they started to create films about the trans people around them.

They wanted to represent trans people authentically and without the voyeristic gaze of those that aren’t trans. This is the essence of what makes My Genderation unique – the fact that it is created entirely by trans people, about trans people, for everyone. It allows people to see more engaging, truthful and authentic representation of transgender people, and connect with them on a more human level.

Since then My Genderation has produced over 100 films, including My Trans Story for Channel 4 and New Genderation for the BBC and campaigns for Stonewall UK, I want Prep Now, CliniQ and more. Our award winning films are shown in film festivals across the world, and are widely used for educational purposes.


We are so proud to have our films shown in film festivals all across the world – here’s a few!


Training tailored for you

My Genderation offers a range of trainings, talks or workshops that can suit different organisations, institutions or workplaces. Our trainings are focused on positive and informative approach, building on many years of experience and knowledge on transgender topics.

What makes our training unique is that we use our films and content to give people insight into the lives of trans people across the UK, allowing people to approach the issue by seeing first hand experiences of what it’s like to be transgender in the UK today.

Our trainers use this content and weave in their own experiences, current happenings and can easily tailor our talks to fit your needs. All our trainers are experienced trainers and speakers and have years of professional experience in their field.

If you want to inquire about a training, please get in touch via our content form at the bottom of the page.

'Power Rangers' Reboot Will Reportedly Have a Trans Ranger https://www.out.com/television/2020/4/08/power-rangers-reboot-will-reportedly-have-trans-ranger

Pip: here’s some of the affirmative stickers that are bringing moments of joy to these #lockdown days for me! Credits to @theFoxFisher @belfasttransrc and http://Etsy.com/uk/shop/rudeofyou


I have a friend living in the Bugess Hill area looking for trans positive counseling.

They're on the GIC wait list, but looking for someone to discuss trans stuff with while they wait, with experience counseling trans folks.

Anyone know any good councilors in the area?

This is why we made trans positive films.

This site has used my art that I created in animal crossing for a transphobic article, please remove it https://twitter.com/_sausageroll/status/1242394758854504448

For anyone outside Australia who would like to see FIRST DAY on their screens
Filling in this survey would be a great help

First Day - The story of 12yo Hannah’s first day of school starring transgender actor Evie Macdonald
@DadTrans @MavenOfMayhem



.@philipcbaldwin: Trans non-binary activist @theFoxFisher is remaining optimistic in the face of the coronavirus.



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