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I Am They

- A Non Binary Love Story Documentary

This is the first feature length doc on trans issues by My Genderation (with a record of 60+ shorts over the past 6 years). What makes our films unique is they are created by trans people about trans people for a much wider audience.

The film looking into the lives of Fox and Owl who are a non binary couple who discover different topics and challenges that non binary people face; from legal issues to language, from marriage to hate speech. The film also explores issues and topics faced by older non binary people, non binary youth, non binary people of colour and non binary people from across Europe.

I Am They has been shown at The Wicked Queer Boston Film Festival and Seattle Translations Film Festival, where Fox & Owl were part of a Q&A. I Am They will be shared online in late 2018.

Who We Are

My Genderation is an ongoing film project focusing on trans lives and trans experiences. All our content is created by trans people, about trans people, for a much wider audience.

Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox joined forces as My Genderation, in 2012, after starring in mainstream documentary My Transsexual Summer (2011) on Channel 4. Feeling unhappy with the edit and unable to share their stories authentically, the duo started producing films, with help and contributions from Sharon Kilgannon, Kate Adair and Maki Yamazaki. Since forming, My Genderation has produced over 100+ films, some for the BBC and Channel 4.

My Genderation regularly screens their films at festivals globally and has worked with major organisations such as Stonewall UK, IGLYO and Transgender Europe to create content for specific programmes and campaigns. My Genderation has also developed many films for educational resources, such as films for GP’s or workplaces across the UK.

My Genderation aims to reflect the diversity of the trans community and show trans people in a positive light, in order to combat stigma and hate directed at the trans community.

My Genderation is always expanding and in 2017 it became an official CIC. My Genderation is currently run by Fox Fisher, Owl Fisher (who joined in 2016). My Genderation film projects are always a collaboration with the contributor to create trans related films in various genres, including documentary, comedy and drama.

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